UI Architect and Interaction Designer

A Bit About Myself

I currently work at Bloomberg, L.P. as an interaction designer on the User Experience team. I focus on exploring innovative ways to solve challanging interaction and visualization problems in the financial domain on expert desktop systems, as well as mobile environments. I received my M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Columbia University in New York working in the Computer Graphics and User Interfaces lab under Prof. Steven Feiner. During and since that time, I've worked and consulted for Microsoft, Palo Alto Research Center, Google, and various internet companies designing and building desktop, mobile, and web user interfaces. I've also helped build 3D UIs in the field of Augmented Reality.
In my spare time, I love to watch baseball (I pitched for UC San Diego from 1997-2000), play golf, and take photographs of my family. I also have an unusual appreciation for Coptic hymnology and iconography.
Email me at me@eddieishak.com. Follow me on Twitter or find me on LinkedIn.


I've designed and built various websites ranging from business information portals targeted towards Main Street to B-to-B advertiser UIs. I've also built websites for local communities, churches, non-profit organizations, friends, and family.


I've invented several general-purpose UI techniques designed for standard WIMP interaction. Also, I've built domain-specific software systems designed specifically for the doctors, archaeologists, and government intelligence agents.


Throughout my graduate studies, I was heavily involved in research projects where we created 3D immersive environments for archaeologists and historians. This included both virtual and augmented reality applications and interaction techniques.


My Ph.D. thesis introduced content-aware interaction: a set of techniques that understood various characteristics of the data with which it interacted, thus significantly improving interaction with that data over traditional techniques.