UI Architect and Interaction Designer



Aspiring to be the largest business information website in the world, Tracked.com needed a professional yet unintimidating presentation. Initially, Tracked.com focused on presenting Wall Street information to Main Street. Very quickly, user profiles were introduced to allow users to share business information with each other. I have visually designed all 100+ templates which produce over 1,000,000+ unique pages. I am heavily involved with the interaction design with the product team and CEO early within each iteration. For the first 18 months of this project, I was the only frontend developer, and now lead the frontend efforts of several senior engineers. I've also been heavily involved with usability testing and user studies.

Quigo Technologies


Serving billions of ads each month on top-tier publisher websites (e.g., ESPN.com, CNN.com, MarthaStewart.com), Quigo Technologies needed a makeover of its advertiser user interface to reduce the workload of in-house account managers in both the creation and maintainence of advertiser accounts. I started by conducted numerous field studies with advertisers to determine how the new UI should look and feel. Over the next 8 months, I designed and built a new interface that was much prefered over the status quo.

Coptic Orthodox Archdiocese Directory


The Coptic Orthodox Archdiocese of North America needed a unified directory to provide a one-stop shop for clergy and congregation members to lookup vital stats on any priest or church in North America. Information such as congregation size, priest contact, and the location of nearby churches were never found in one place until now. It also needed to allow site visitors to suggest and correct information on the site. I visually designed and implemented the entire website.

Jes Takla Photography


Young artist and photographer, Jes Takla, needed a website to showcase her beautiful photographs. Her requirements were that 1) its design be simple, yet elegant, 2) it be easy to upload her photos (she is not a developer), and that 3) the website should simply do exactly one thing very well: showcase her beautiful photographs. I visually designed and built jestakla.com and setup an admin interface for her to easily contribute her work to the website from then on.


I often volunteer to design and build various community websites (mostly associated with the Coptic Orthodox Church). I built websites for churches, orphanages, community events, and general information purposes.

My Website


My website has gone through several iterations over the past 10 years. As a grad student, the main objective was to publicize all of my ongoing research projects, keep my publication list up to date, and showcase videos and screenshots of the novel interaction techniques I developed as part of my Ph.D. dissertation. . I visually designed and built every component of each iteration. The current design you now see was greatly insipired by subtraction.com.